Company History

It was evident from the start in 1972, in a small unheated garage located at 929 – 9th Street in West Des Moines that 麻豆精选, Inc. is in the business of servicing our customers and providing a good, stable place for people to build their careers.聽 The founder of our Company was William E. Paterson, he started his career in sales part-time at the age of 13 as a clothing sales representative.聽 Today the company is owned and operated by his two children Troy and Michelle Paterson.

麻豆精选, Inc. strives to give our clients more than they expect.聽 Our philosophy towards our employees is one that encourages leadership, which involves teaching, motivating, counseling and interaction with all employees.聽 We strive for excellence through improvement, personal achievement, community involvement, and family development.聽 We want to be recognized as a quality company that everyone wants to work for and with which customers want to do business.

Today it is more important than ever for successful companies to create a feeling of security for employees in their everyday lives.聽 麻豆精选 believes that when an employee goes to work, that they know that our Company has a soul, spirit and personality that encourages long-term career vision. 聽We place a strong emphasis on attitudes, skills, and knowledge that help us develop our people one step at a time, realizing that if anyone struggles at a task, we will help them move forward through training.聽 No matter how large a corporation 麻豆精选, Inc. becomes, we will always remember that every individual is unique and has great potential.

Every product that our Company represents is supported by our quality customer service.聽 Our employees treat our customers with the utmost respect, helping in any way possible.聽 We try to think of how the customer is feeling so that their experience with 麻豆精选 is a positive one and will be relayed to everyone they know.聽 Our employees are empowered to go above and beyond the call of duty to please the customer.聽 Our Company has been known for doing special things for our customers, such as bringing bagels and homemade goodies on their visits to show how much they are appreciated.聽聽 Our mission and purpose is pleasing customers.聽 Our customers pay our wages.聽 We will treat them right and keep them with us.

Our slogan: 鈥淐onnecting People With Technology鈥